2007.05.19 (Sat)

恐怖奇形人間 US盤DVDジャケット

8月28日 発売予定。日本盤もでるのかな?

やはり Amazon.co.jp では扱わないみたいですね。

  • New, fully restored, anamorphic widescreen transfer mastered in high-definition from Toei's original vault elements
  • Japanese language with newly-translated, removable English subtitles
  • Audio commentary by film critic Mark Schilling
  • MALFORMED MEMORIES, an all-new, half-hour documentary featuring interviews with cult film directors and Ishii fans Shinya Tsukamoto (TETSUO THE IRON MAN) and Minoru Kawasaki (THE CALAMARI WRESTLER), plus comments from Teruo Ishii himself
  • ISHII IN ITALIA, the director's 2003 visit to the Far East Film Festival
  • Original Japanese theatrical trailer
  • Teruo Ishii poster gallery
  • Director and writer biographies
  • Liner notes by Japanese film writers Patrick Macias, Tomo Machiyama and Jasper Sharp
  • Reversible cover with original Japanese poster artwork

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    ★追記★ (2007.8.20)
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